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Since Oct 22, 2017


Thank you for visiting my homepage.

In my laboratory, we study very small creatures called microorganisms. Microorganisms are the oldest life forms and exist on Earth for billions of years. The long evolutionary history of microorganisms has fostered great phylogenetic and functional diversities that far exceed those of animals and plants.

You will be surprised at the success and strategies of microorganisms to adapt rapidly changing environments.

Let's enjoy science with us!


Undergraduate Senior Research is welcome (biology, marine science, and environmental studies)!

Please consult with Dr. Toshi. Let's discuss what you can do!

Our research in the lab


The Toshi's Aquatic Ecology Laboratory studies environmental cleanup technology and biodiversity. To clean up environments, we use the power of microbes. We have been working on an oil spill project and aquaculture projects. As a part of conservation biology studies, we use environmental DNA techniques to search endangered species and invasive species in southwest Florida. We also conduct aquatic ecology studies in wetlands, rivers, and the Gulf Coast.
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